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TLiNGE ini apa?

Enjoy as many audiobooks as you can by subscribing to TLiNGE.

Aplikasi ini memainkan buku audio di laman web dan telefon pintar anda. Daftar dan langgan sekarang.

TLiNGE's Subscription

RM12.50 / month
Family friendly contents for kids and teens.
All contents.
RM10.00(Malaysia) / month (NP: RM15.90 / month)
SGD10.00 (Worldwide) / month (NP: SGD15.90 / month)

Audiobooks on TLiNGE

More books to be "TLiNGE-d"

Behind The Scene

Di Belakang Tabir

The Coolness of TLiNGE

Subscription Based

Its a buffet! Enjoy as many audiobooks as you want.

Celebrity Narrators

Best selling books narrated by experienced celebrities and public figures.

Imagine Differently

Production of high quality recording with original music score and sound effects.

Let's Work Together

Interested in being part of TLiNGE? Either you want us to publish your book to audiobook format or you want to be a narrator? Or anything in between. Please contact us.

Email to our cute listener at mia@tlinge.com

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