How saved the day

It is all started when we need to change to Amazon AWS as our streaming server. This to ensure the safety of the audio files. When we pitch the publishers to publish their contents to audiobooks, the first and foremost question that they will ask is the security of the audio files. It is understandable because the files are their intellectual properties.

The problem start arises when we need to keep track the usage of each file. We pay royalties to the publishers, writers, and narrators based on play time by our subscribers. We emphasize on integrity and fairness in our small company. So, we need something that can track play time accurately for the sake of fairness.

Previously, we used jwPlayer as the main engine for the playback. It comes with analytic data analysis which is exactly what we need. We can see directly how many minutes the playback for each file. But the biggest problem is the security. The audio files can easily be downloaded by using Chrome extensions. The security can be increased by integrating Amazon AWS and jwPlayer. But we have to abandon this option since the price we have to pay to integrate both systems is too expensive for our small company.

Since security is a huge issue, we cannot see other options. We need to use Amazon AWS to store the audio files. Funny enough Amazon AWS do not provide any detailed analytic data for the files stored. We tried to look for solutions in Amazon’s analytic section but none of them provides what we need. After 5 days of googling, one of us came across s3Stat. Without much thinking, we register for a free trial.

As expected, it does have everything that we need. Although we cannot see how long each file has been played, we can see how much data has been transferred. With some mathematical magic, we do get how many minutes each file has been played. S3Stat really saves our day.

Compared to Amazon AWS analytic data, S3Stat can do a lot more. These are the things that being tracked by S3Stat. It is so awesome.

  1. Files – This is the most useful function for use. It can track how many times each file has been accessed and how much data has been transferred. And the most important thing, you can see how much cost for each file.
  2. Referrers
  3. Visitor IP address
  4. Location
  5. Browser – As expected, the king of browsers is Chrome.
  6. Status code
  7. Error pages
  8. Results
  9. Method

It is really worth to mention s3Stat, with all the functionality, is generous enough to give out a free account in exchange of a blog about them. To S3Stat, please pray for us so that we can generate enough income to cover our overhead so that we can pay for your service. For the time being, we need to opt for free option.

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